Coconut Palm Sugar

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Healthiest Alternate to White Sugar

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"I recently had to give up on white sugar due to health reasons. I found the perfect alternative! This has a very unique pleasant taste & I've started replacing it in my tea & lemonade. The best part is, it also dissolves quickly. I will definitely recommend it to friends and family! 👍


I was not sure if Coconut sugar is a good alternate to regular sugar, hesitantly I made my first purchase but after using it I must say I in love with it and have become a loyal customer. Thank you to the creators of Coconut Palm Sugar for bringing such a refreshing and tasty product into my life. I have even recommended it to my closest friends, who are just as impressed as I am. It's safe to say that Coconut Palm Sugar has become a staple in my life and I couldn't be happier with it.

– Jayshree Lad

Thanks to Miresi for this amazing Coconut Palm Sugar! We made the switch from white sugar a year ago. Our kids absolutely love it, especially with their Ragi malt.

- Shiva

Why Choose Miresi's Coconut Palm Sugar?

Miresi's Coconut Palm Sugar is derived from the Nectar of Coconut Palm Sap or Coconut Flower Blossoms. This Unrefined, single ingredient natural sweetener stands out as the Healthiest Alternative to the refined white sugar with GI value as low as 35-based on research by FNRI-DOST, thus making Coconut Palm sugar diabetic friendly.
Coconut nectar is harvested from the organically cultivated coconut trees, which makes sure Our coconut palm sugar is free from all sorts of heavy metals or any other chemicals. Every batch undergoes stringent tests by reputed global third-party laboratory to ensure you always get the best and Healthiest Coconut Palm Sugar.

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