Raw Forest Honey

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A nutrient-rich superfood for both its sweetness and medicinal properties

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I absolutely love the exceptional quality of this product, and I have purchased it a total of four times thus far

–Pranab Jyoti 

I have been a repeat customer of Miresi's Raw Forest Honey, and I must say that the taste
and quality of the product are exceptional. Being a natural product, it has become my go-to choose for dressing my salads, and I also enjoy incorporating it into my sweet dishes. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a delicious and healthy alternative to processed sweeteners


 Why Choose Miresi's Raw Forest Honey?

Harvested by the local tribals around the dense jungles of Uttarakhand, Miresi's Forest Honey is Raw, Unpasteurized, free from all sorts of additives ensuring unparalleled quality and purity.  The unfiltered Bee Pollen gives Honey its immunity boosting, anti-viral properties. Just 1tbsp of this goodness will surely keep you, Healthier Every day!
Like with all other products, our honey undergoes stringent testing for purity  by global third-party labs.

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