Jaggery Powder

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A Traditional and Healthy natural Sweetner

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One of the best Jaggery powder I have tasted. This product feels authentic and pure, the dark colour of the jaggery powder reminds me of the childhood days from my native, where we used to get this kind of jaggery. Bless the company for bringing such pure product


Definitely the best Jaggery I have tasted in the recent times! It adds a delicious sweetness to my dishes, and I love that it's all-natural. I have been a regular customer for last 5 months. Must try product.


Why Choose Miresi's Jaggery Powder?

Miresi's Jaggery Powder is extracted from the native varieties of Sugar Cane juice which is organically cultivated, free from all sorts of synthetic pesticides and heavy metals. Our jaggery powder is unrefined and does not undergo any sort of bleaching process thus making our jaggery powder Sulphur free.
Every batch of the produce is tested by a global third-party laboratory to ensure that you always get the best and healthiest product.

Let's clear your Doubts!

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